Pottery Barn North Cyprus

Pottery Barn North Cyprus

***Pottery Barn is the first creative studio of it’s kind in Northern Cyprus***

Studyomuz hergün açık. İsterseniz seramik tasarlayın, isterseniz el sanatlarmızdan birini yapın. Her yaş için uygun bir mekanımız var 🙂

Pottery painting is fun for all the family whether you are a newborn baby or a great grandmother. We at Pottery Barn provide fantastic opportunity for you to create your own unique design on a piece of ceramic pottery.

How it works
Our friendly staff will take you through the process, starting with helping you choose your bisque. (Ceramic we use are called bisque – which means ‘baked twice’ in Latin)

Planning your design: We’ll give you necessary equipment to help you along the way. Our studio is full of inspirational ideas including our display items, design magazines and of course, our team’s creative mind.

Once you have finished, we will glaze and fire your item, which can be picked up in 10 days.

Baby prints (Hands or feet)
Our baby prints can be done on a pottery item or as a clay imprint. We use non-toxic and baby friendly, washable paint to eliminate any discomfort for both baby and parent.
These are perfect gift for mummies, daddies, and grandparents plus for all your loved ones.

We do children’s parties, adult parties, hen nights, visit to schools and community groups, design wedding and baby gifts + more commission items!!!
Typical party lasts 2 hours. This include short helpful chat from our team, an hour or so for painting and the rest to enjoy your yummy cake & nibbles 🙂
We can provide decoration or feel free to bring your own.

Call us NOW to feed your curiosity!!! We can book you a table or why not just drop in!!

***We can book out of hours for any party with prior arrangement***

Pottery Barn North Cyprus
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Kermiya, Lefkoşa

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